Quality Control Inspection Company in China

TESTCOO/December 18, 2023
Quality Control Inspection Company in China

TESTCOO Inspection Service in China

TESTCOO is a third-party quality control inspection company in China. At TESTCOO, we provide consumer products  inspection and factory assurance in all of China.

TESTCOO typically inspects product categories such as garment and clothing, textile and fabric, footwear and bags, furniture, consumer goods, children's toys, garden tools, kitchenware and tableware, sports equipment, medical equipment, electronic and electrical products, lighting, industrial products and other industries.

The Four Types of Quality Inspection Services

four types of quality control inspection in China

TESTCOO product inspections can be conducted at all stages of the manufacturing process:

-Initial Production Inspection(IPI):

An Initial Production Inspection is an on-site product inspection performed before your production begins, up until 10-20% has been completed. A preliminary inspection of all machinery and materials to be used in your production, an IPC is the first step in ensuring the quality of your product will be consistent throughout production. An IPC is an early-warning system that safeguards your product against costly import risks for $149 USD per Man-day.

-During Production Inspection (DUPRO):

A During Production Check is an on-site Product Inspection performed when 50-60% of your production is completed and packed for shipping. This inspection of randomly selected units from all completed batches of your production informs you whether or not your factory is continuing to follow your original specifications, and if your production is still on schedule. A DUPRO keeps your production on the right track for $149 USD per Man-day.

-Final Random Inspection (FRI):

A Final Random Inspection is a systematic inspection of units selected at random from all batches of your order, conducted when your production is at least 100% complete and 80% packed at least. This is your final step to take corrective action before your production is finished and packed; making it an effective tool to safeguard your product against costly import risks for $149 USD per Man-day.

-Loading Supervision (LS)

The final but crucial step in the quality control process is properly preparing batches for shipping to destination markets. Loading Supervision (LS) is usually performed at the factory, forwarders warehouse, or port to verify count, confirm load, and seal the container. These inspections also ensure that the products are consistent with the packing list of the client, ensure the correct amount of different styles, sizes, and quantities, and that they are properly loaded to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

We has professional local inspectors in all major product categories to ensure strict quality assurance in mainland China.

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What Is Not Covered in Product Inspections?

Chemical testing required for certain products cannot be performed on-site at factories. Instead, samples of products are sent to laboratories.

Why Choose to Conduct Product Inspection with TESTCOO

inspection comapny in china

For your quality control of consumer goods (softgoods, hardgoods, E&E) in China and most of the Asian regions, TESTCOO allows you to save time to schedule product inspections or supplier audit, and analyze the reports received. Aside from delivering professional product quality service, you also will receive the followings.

1. A dedicated person will be assigned to follow up your inspection request from start to end to ensure a smooth communication.

2. Unique online platform with individual access empowers to book inspection and review report at anytime and anywhere.

3. To book and cancel inspection request 12 hours before the inspection date will no longer face any extra charge.

4. All-inclusive rate as per country without charging additional travel costs.

5. Auto Systemic analysis function gives a detailed data for all arranged inspections.

6. GPS Tracking system to make sure inspector will arrive at the factory with the right amount of working time.

7. E-mail Inspection arrangement as well as Self-serving Inspection Booking Platform

TESTCOO inspectors have covered all China except Tibet. Before you work with a new supplier in China, choose to consult us about the highlighted inspection areas. The manufactures in these areas are always located in a place with enough inspectors and convenient transportation that means less even half inspection costs and experienced factories.

TESTCOO, Bring Trust to Your Supply Chain

Testcoo Inspection Service can help oversee buyers to identify the quality of products at the source with product inspections and sample checks to avoid the risk of getting non-conformed production at your destination.

Highlighted Areas: 149 USD/Man-day (all inclusive, service rate starts from 149USD/Man-day for Mainland China).

No extra charge for inspections on Sat. & Sun.

Need to Book a factory Inspection?

Whatever your industry, we have professional inspectors all over the world ready to visit your factory within 24 hours to carry out on-site inspections on your behalf.

TESTCOO inspectors’ location.​​​​​​​

TESTCOO inspectors’ location

TESTCOO Inspection is a leading 3rd party inspection company in China present at 30 countries across Asia and Africa. We provide flexible and competitive inspection services for brands and retailers in the EU and North American markets.

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