Quality Control Inspection and Factory Audit in Vietnam

Quality Control Inspection and Factory Audit in Vietnam

TESTCOO Inspection is a third-party inspection agency in Vietnam. TESTCOO offers product quality control inspection and factory audit (Compliance and Audit in Vietnam: APSCA, SLCP, SEDEX, Higg Index, GRS)nationwide Vietnam coverage via quality engineers stationed in cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang and across provinces such as Binh Duong, Don Nai, Long An, Binh Phuoc, Binh Dinh, Hai Phong, and more in Vietnam.

Vietnam is now home to factories supplying some of the world’s largest multinational brands across several product categories such as electronics, appliances, garments, tools, furniture, and footwear. TESTCOO Inspection Company can help make sure the safety of supply chain for all those industries in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s proximity to China is convenient for raw material and sub-supplies, while the foreign ownership of many factories in Vietnam (e.g. Chinese, Japanese,  Korean) is seen as beneficial in terms of quality and ease of doing business. The government has also played an important role with regards to the latter, next to actively strengthening and revamping laws/regulations over the years.

TESTCOO helps both local and international clients secure their supply chain as a third-party quality control inspection service agency. Our experienced team of inspectors and auditors is available nationwide. Whether its product inspections or testing services, auditing suppliers against the client or international standards, or aiding vendors via corrective action; our team of experts can assist in solving quality-related issues with little notice and is at your service where and when you need it.

TESTCOO Quality Control  Inspection and Audit Service in Vietnam

TESTCOO Inspection Vietnam team is stationed in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and throughout the Vietnamese territory. Guaranteed all-inclusive price of 259 USD per man-day for pre-shipment inspection in Vietnam's manufacturing regions.

TESTCOO Provides Quality Control and Inspection Services in Vietnam

TESTCOO has professional full-time inspectors and auditors in Vietnam to provide supplier audit services for textile and clothing, footwear and bags, household groceries, children's toys, sports equipment, medical equipment, electronic and electrical products, industrial products and other industries to ensure compliance, reduce potential risks, improve supply chain efficiency, and enhance the company's reputation.

TESTCOO inspection in Vietnam services include: product inspection and factory audit.

Third party Quality Inspection Services in Vietnam

TESTCOO third-party quality inspection services in Vietnam help to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of your products to satisfy regulatory requirements as well as the demands of the market.

Initial Production Check (IPC)

An Initial Production Check (IPC) is performed on raw materials and first run product. Before mass production, Testcoo inspectors onsite in Vietnam will evaluate the first 10%-30% units produced to ensure compliance with necessary criteria, brand specifications, quality requirements which can firmly establish whether the manufacturer will be able to deliver on the promise to produce a quality product using the correct materials and manufacturing process, and orders shipping on time.

During Production Check (DUPRO)

During Production Check (DUPRO) in Vietnam is an essential preventative measure taken in the early stages of production, which can mitigate costly mistakes in the long run by highlighting any problems before too many defective items are produced and avoid effecting the shipping schedule. Quality control inspectors of Testcoo usually perform on-site DUPRO inspections once a minimum of 30%, but no more than 50% of finished goods are produced to ensure consistent quality in the manufacturing process.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

Final Random Inspection (FRI) is reliable by most of the buys. FRI inspections in Vietnam act as a final check to evaluate product quality, packaging, and product labeling and carton markings and ensure that items are correctly packed and fit for their intended use. The FRI takes place at the 100% production completed with a minimum of 80% of goods packed and seated in shipping cartons for verification of your purchase specifications.

Full Inspection

Full inspection conducts all productions have been completed. The much-needed product inspection is carried out to ensure that the final products are in accordance with the client’s quality standards.

Container Loading Check (CLC)

The final but crucial step in the quality control process is properly preparing batches for shipping to destination markets. Loading Supervision (LS) is usually performed at the factory, forwarders warehouse, or port to verify count, confirm load, and seal the container. These inspections also ensure that the products are consistent with the packing list of the client, ensure the correct amount of different styles, sizes, and quantities, and that they are properly loaded to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

Factory Audit Services in Vietnam

Factory Assessment

A factory assessment will help you understand more about your new suppliers. It is a service to audit supplier of files & on-site review, get the real information, then evaluate supplier's legal qualification, organizer chart, worker groups, facilities, production capacity and internal quality management.

Why Choose TESTCOO Inspectoon in Vietnam

For your quality control of consumer goods (softgoods, hardgoods, E&E) in Vietnam, TESTCOO allows you to save time to schedule product inspections or supplier audit, and analyze the reports received. Aside from delivering professional product quality service, you also will receive the followings.

1. A dedicated person will be assigned to follow up your inspection request from start to end to ensure a smooth communication.

2. Unique online platform with individual access empowers to book inspection and review report at anytime and anywhere.

3. To book and cancel inspection request 12 hours before the inspection date will no longer face any extra charge.

4. All-inclusive rate as per country without charging additional travel costs.

5. Auto Systemic analysis function gives a detailed data for all arranged inspections.

6. GPS Tracking system to make sure inspector will arrive at the factory with the right amount of working time.

7. E-mail Inspection arrangement as well as Self-serving Inspection Booking Platform

TESTCOO is one of Asia’s most significant quality inspection companies. TESTCOO has a large support team based in China and operates in 30 countries. TESTCOO  offers product inspection services in Vietnam and helps buyers reduce their manufacturing process risk while providing supplier assessment services.

In Vietnam, TESTCOO inspection team will ensure that your goods meet all regulations and requirements. For more information on our quality control services Vietnam and other Asian countries, please contact us.

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