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We serve a variety of inspection and auditing services to ensure global buyers have a security & reliable experience of quality control in the supply chain.
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3,000+ inspectors based at 10+ countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines and Turkey, etc.
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Testcoo platform, trusted by 2000+ brands, retailers and importers helps manage your Supply chain, supervises whole inspection process.
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$249/MD for Inspection in China, 5 minutes to make an online order, get order scheduled and receive report fastest within 24 hours in international standards.
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Book an inspection service online and our intelligent platform will make the entire process for you. Ensure the quality standards of your supply chain are qualified through cooperation with Testcoo professional inspectors & auditors.

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    To choose log in button and start a free account.
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    Complete your product information, supplier information and other basics info to get your inspection service.
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    You will receive the report via your backstage after inspected products.
Tips: please do not hesitate let we know your questions during the inspection process. You’re allowed to contact with our customer service at anytime.

Our Service

  • Pre-shipment inspection

    The test library provides inspection at the beginning of production, inspection at the middle of production, inspection at the end of production and inspection before shipment to ensure the delivery of products to meet customer quality requirements.

  • Audit

    Through the new supplier audit, before the order to the supplier all aspects of the ability to do a comprehensive assessment.

  • Loading Supervision

    Make sure the correct quantity and good condition cartons are loaded into good condition containers.

  • Industrial Inspection

    Non-destructive testing, factory audit, project management service, final inspecton,etc.


Sample Report

  • Softline

  • Electronic & Electical

  • Hardline

  • Factory Assessment

  • Loading Supervision

  • Industrial Products

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What Is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)?

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system.

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We are inspecting oxygen concentrator which is in large demand because of Covid-19.

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