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Mobile accessories quality control inspection

Pre-shipment mobile accessories inspection is a vital step to check for product defects, safety issues and other non-conformances in your product before they reach customers. Your mobile accessories inspection should always include checks of both the workmanship and functional.

Mobile accessories quality control inspection checklists

Visual and workmanship check

Thorough examination for any external defects.

Identifying conformity/non-conformity of the product’s material quality, colors and dimensions in comparison with the reference sample.

Examination of the packaging quality, verification that all the necessary labels, signs and barcodes are present.

Functional test

Input and output voltage measurements of the chargers.

Sound quality examination of headphones and portable speakers.

Power and range of Bluetooth connection.

Battery capacity and charging speed .

5 common factors to check for mobile accessories quality control

1. Battery test methods: first unified with a multimeter test the battery voltage is between 3.8-4.2, and visual inspection of the surface of the finger and battery stickers are scratches, dirt and battery bbulge phenomenon, after the appearance of PE bags loaded OK .

2. Headphone test method: first visual inspection whether the model headphones stickers, stickers model is correct, whether the plug rusted wire without damage, plug in your headphones to confirm whether the phone will automatically hang up (automatic hook was defective products ), headphones on both sides of the sound is normal, if there is monophonic, single complex, no sound other phenomena, and then press the headset button to look at whether the normal hook-hook, you can not hook was defective.

3. Charger test methods: first visual inspection whether the appearance of scratches charger, if the font incomplete, USB plug if there is rust, burr phenomenon, after the appearance is OK, then 100% with charging the phone real test to confirm whether the normal charge.

4. USB data cable test methods: phone via USB cable to connect the computer to check whether the normal recognition USB, if the USB plug has rusted batch front, with or without type stickers and so on.

5. Mobile phone film: In addition to the material, but also to understand the film's durability, light transmission and viscous. The transmittance of the protective film is the most important factor

Testcoo offer a range of auditing and inspection services in manufacturing countries, such as raw material inspection, production line and post-production sampling, and pre-shipment inspections for all types of mobile accessories products. Contact our experts to customize your supply chain solutions.

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