Luggage and Bags Inspection

Testcoo offers comprehensive supply chain solutions to ensure the safety, quality, and compliance of luggage and bag quality control inspection.



Luggage and Bags Quality Control Inspection

Nowadays, luggage and bags are far more than simply vessels for carrying all your stuff and souvenirs when traveling, they’re also fashionable accessories and dependable companions throughout a journey. Customers expect far more from their bags than adequate storage. 

Function and quality are therefore paramount. Luggage of all kinds must be durable and comply with legal safety standards, thus avoiding customer complaints, and product recalls and maintaining a persistent, trustworthy brand image. 

Testcoo’s leading luggage and bags inspection services help your suppliers meet your quality and safety expectations.

What quality standards do we use for luggage and bag inspections?

By employing a third-party inspection entity, quality concerns will be identified and controlled at the source. Processing luggage and bags  inspection is an essential part for retailers and brands to assure quality, that can identify defects and non-compliance during different stages of the luggage and bags production process. 

How to perform the inspection? Check the total number of the order or just a part of the order. We verify mass production quality based on your Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL), identifying and classifying defects to offer an overview of your product’s quality.

Essential tests performed during an onsite inspection of luggage and bags

With an inspection team on the ground, you can see exactly how your products look without needing to personally visit the factory to check. But you need to specify your requirements and steps for inspection to get a truly accurate report of your order’s quality.

The essential inspection checklists for pre-shipment inspections to manage luggage and bags quality:

Drop test

Assortment check

Coating Adhered Test

Color shading check

Function check

Reliability test for Zipper/button/snap or any other functional component

Product Size / Weight measurement

Barcode scan check

Strap length per size

Metal detection

Adjustable check for the bag with adjustable straps

Loading Check 

Fitting check

Colorfastness test

Handle/straps strength check

Loading check on a case

Walking check


Odor and mildew check

Hand feel check 

Seam pulling test

Suitcases, luggage, and handbags are manufactured to ensure the safe transit of other personal belongings. It is, therefore, necessary to test for the strength of fastening, buckles, handles, and wheels/rollers. These checklists convey the essential basics of quality control inspection for luggage and bags. 

Testcoo inspection expertise in luggage and bag inspection

With offices across China and Southeast Asia, Testcoo performs Initial Production Check (IPC), During Production Check (DUPRO), and Before Delivery Inspection to assess luggage and bags Final Random Inspection (FRI) in all of China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, etc. helping you ensure product quality, avoid supply chain disruptions and protect your brand reputation.

Contact our luggage and bags quality assurance experts to customize your inspection requirements.

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