Kitchenware and Tableware Inspection

We offer quality control inspection and factory assessment for kitchenware, tableware, and cookware to help you ensure product safety.



Kitchenware and tableware quality control inspection

Kitchenware and tableware belong to food contact materials that all materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. These can be made from a variety of materials which must be manufactured in compliance with related regulations, including plastics, rubber, paper and metal.

Owing to their close contact with food, kitchenware and tableware products carry higher risks for safety issues than many other consumer goods. Product recalls can occur if it is deemed that the products poses a potential health or safety risk to consumers.

Tetscoo supports manufacturers, suppliers and importers in their drive to protect public health and comply with the rigorous regional regulations and standards, helping to confirm the safety and quality of kitchenware and tableware.

What quality standards do we use for kitchenware and tableware inspections?

By employing a third-party inspection entity, quality concerns will be identified and controlled at the source. Processing gardening equipment inspection is an important part for retailers and brands to assure quality, that can identify defects and non-compliance during different stages of the garden tools S production process.

How to perform the inspection? Check the total number of the order or just a part of the order? We verify the quality of mass production based on your Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL), identifying, and classifying defects to offer an overview of your product’s quality.

Essential tests performed during an on-site inspection of kitchenware and tableware

We provide a comprehensive range of quality control inspection for your products. We help you through the compliance process, enabling you to ship your cookware on time.

The following is a list of the most important pre-shipment inspection checklists that your kitchenware and tableware should undergo.

Transportation drop test

Product size / weight measurement

Barcode scan check

Special Function check

Coating adhesive tape Test

Magnetic check (if requirement for stainless steel)

Handle bending resistance check

Capacity check

Thermal shock check

Bottom flat check

Internal coating thickness check

Tempered glass test

Sharp edges & sharp points check

Actual using check

Stability check

Moisture check for wood component

Smell Test

Wobbling Test for free standing products

Water leakage test

These checklists convey the essential basics of quality control inspection for kitchenware and tableware.

Testcoo inspection expertise in kitchenware and tableware

With only full-time inspectors around the China and Southeast Asia, Testcoo offers Initial Production Check (IPC), During Production Check (DUPRO), Final Random Inspection (FRI) and Supplier Audit ​​​​​​​ to meet consumer serve quality and safe requirements for garden tools and avoid products recalls.

Against online video monitor system, GPS tracking system, signing CODE OF CONDUCT agreement with factory, we execute efficient management of inspectors to help you implement the necessary corrective actions to reach your quality objectives and lead-times.

Testcoo quality control solutions support the launch of quality products that comply with target markets to protect your final consumers and reduce product recalls risk. Contact our kitchenware and tableware quality assurance experts to customize your inspection requirements.

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