Consumer Goods Inspection

Consumer Goods Inspection

We help to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of consumer products to satisfy regulatory requirements as well as the demands of the market. Third-party inspection of consumer products is a crucial step in a global quality assurance program to ensure the product meets quality and specification prior to shipment and market. Testcoo holds a team of trained full-time inspectors across all categories of consumer goods and located in all around China and Southeast Asia in support of client inspection needs.

Why do you need a Product Inspection?

TESTCOO inspectors check your product against your chosen specifications to meet a range of requirements including passing international standards of your destination market. With the use of inspection checklists that you can select online and tailor to your needs, your quality control process can be standardized and key quality concerns communicated to all parties involved in the inspection.

To help you meet the requirements, we offer a complete range of services to manufacturers, importers, exporters and retailers of consumer products. Our services include Initial Production Check, During Production Check, Final Random Inspection, 100% Inspection, Sample Picking Service, Container Loading Check.

Why do you need a Product Inspection?

7 types of inspection for
consumer goods offered by Testcoo

TESTCOO product inspections can be conducted at all stages of the manufacturing process by following 7 types of inspection:

Initial Production Check (IPC)

An Initial Production Check (IPC) is performed on raw materials and first run product. Before mass production, Testcoo inspectors onsite will evaluate the first 10%-30% units produced to ensure compliance with necessary criteria, brand specifications, quality requirements which can firmly establish whether the manufacturer will be able to deliver on the promise to produce a quality product using the correct materials and manufacturing process, and orders shipping on time.

During Production Check (DUPRO)

During Production Check (DUPRO) is an essential preventative measure taken in the early stages of production, which can mitigate costly mistakes in the long run by highlighting any problems before too many defective items are produced and avoid effecting the shipping schedule. Quality control inspectors of Testcoo usually perform on-site DUPRO inspections once a minimum of 30%, but no more than 50% of finished goods are produced to ensure consistent quality in the manufacturing process.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

Final Random Inspection (FRI) also called Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI), is reliable by most of the buys. FRI inspections act as a final check to evaluate product quality, packaging, product labeling and carton markings and ensure that items are correctly packed and fit for their intended use. The FRI takes place at the 100% production completed with a minimum of 80% of goods packed and seated in shipping cartons for verification of your purchase specifications.

Loading Supervision (LS)

The final but crucial step in the quality control process is properly preparing batches for shipping to destination markets. Loading Supervision (LS) is usually performed at the factory, forwarders warehouse, or port to verify count, confirm load, and seal the container. These inspections also ensure that the products are consistent with the packing list of the client, ensure the correct amount of different styles, sizes, and quantities, and that they are properly loaded to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

100% Inspection

100% inspection also called full inspection conducted all productions have been completed. The much-needed product inspection is carried out to ensure that the final products are in accordance with the client’s quality standards.

Sample Picking Service (SPS)

Sample Picking Service (SPS) is performed when you pick shipment samples or testing samples allowing you to best assess whether the productions meet your quality needs and market standards. Testcoo ensures the samples are picked up from the mass production lot randomly to prevent samples “arranged” by the factory which can’t represent the mass production lot.

Virtual Inspection

A virtual inspection also called remote inspection allows inspectors to guide factory staff remotely other than going to the factory by themselves through the steps of a product inspection, and collecting evidence of key findings on the product's quality and supply chain management. The main purpose of the virtual inspection was to review and verify the spec and package, witness the main testing and performance, the key points of the function and the allowed visual check during the virtual observation process.

How Can Testcoo Help You?

By hiring a professional local third-party inspection company, quality concerns will be identified and controlled at source. Failures in product quality or non-compliance in market can result in reputational risk, product recalls for consumer product retailers and brands. A strong inspection project can help reduce this risk by identifying shipments that do not meet your quality requirements post-production.

Testcoo quality control company enables to assist retailers, brands and buyers conduct third-party inspections of their consumer products at their manufacturing source. Whatever your industry, Softline, hardlines, Electronics and Electricals, through our full-time professional inspectors on the ground, we are ready to visit your factory within 24 hours to carry out on-site inspections on your behalf for a very reasonable cost.

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