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  • Q1.How can I get real information about the legality, production capacity, quality control, capabilities of this new supplier under the situation with no basic cooperation and without any trust?

    You can let Testcoo help do a factory assessment before starting the business. So you can clearly know factory’s legal qualification, organizer chart, worker groups, facilities, production capacity and internal quality management, etc.

  • Q2.Once there was an order need to inspection soonest, but spent too much time on the mail reply, order period was too long and the reporting time lasted for 4 days! The whole long process seriously affects the shipping time!

    Click en.testcoo.com , create an account, then you can book online and Testcoo will help schedule your order witin 24 hours. Besides, you will get report within 24 hours in fastest speed!

  • Q3.There was a factory in a remote area needed to inspection and faced peak season. Our company had no manpower and couldn’t find a reliable QC. What an awkward!

    Testcoo has 3,000 inspectors all over China and Southeast Asian countries. No matter when and where, we will always support your business.

  • Q4.Our online orders are small quantities, but the frequency is fast, the suppliers numerous, the distribution is wide, the inspection service feedback is required to be fast and timely! Where to find an inspection company to do service according to our requirements?

    Please don’t worry. Actually, we are an online inspection platform, we totally understand your demands on service efficiency. Your orders in Testcoo will go through on system automatically. It saves us a lot of labor and time. We will try our best to schedule order and offer report within 24 hours!

  • Q5.The price of inspection service is too high. If we establish our own QC team, salary and transportation expense will cost a lot! Still we have to face the problem of limited coverage area and professional ability. How to lower down the cost but find a professional team to work for us?

    3000 full-time trained inspectors covered everywhere in China and more than 10 countries in Southeast Asia. Contact us and only $249/MD cost can help your QC work in peak season. No more travel expense and salary cost for your own QC team.

Your Personal Inspection Specialist

Testcoo inspection services with more than 3,000 trained inspectors based at over ten Southeast Asian countries. All inspection report are strictly in accordance with European & USA standards. Our inspection services are coverage over 200 countries client. Choosing inspection services from Testcoo will help you ensure the quality of your products and reduce uncontrollable risk.

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