Power Tools Inspection

Do a site pre-shipment inspection to check if your power tools are safe and free from hazards. Inspect if the power tools pass quality standards and are free from damage like electric shock, cracked blades and loose parts.



Power tools quality control inspection

Power tools are designed to assist construction workers, carpenters, and other manual laborers in the performance of work. Power tool manufacturers and retailers need to comply with strict product safety standards to protect their customers and their brand, while power tools are a big help, they pose various physical hazards which can cause both minor and major injuries.

Power tool inspection and quality control standards

Power tool safety standards

Some of the most commonly used safety standards in power tool inspection are:

-ANSI B175 -- this set of standards applies to outdoor hand-held power equipment, including grass trimmers, blowers, brushcutters and chainsaws.

-ANSI B165.1-2013 -- this American safety standard is for power-driven brushing tools.

-ISO 11148 -- this international standard is used for hand-held, non-electric power tools, such as cutting-off and crimping power tools, drills & tappers, percussive power tools, grinders, sanders & polishers, saws, shears and compression power tools.

Power tool vibration inspection testing

These test methods determine the degree of vibration produced by power tools like drills and impact wrenches. Vibration levels outside of the required tolerance indicate product malfunction and could be hazardous for consumers.

-ISO 28927 -- use this international standard when measuring the vibration at the handle of hand-held, portable power tools.

-ISO/TS 21108 -- apply this international standard to the dimensions and tolerances for the socket interface of hand-held power tools

IEC 62841 Compliance for Global Market Access

IEC 62841 deals with the safety of electric, motor-operated, or magnetically driven tools, with provisions for: hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery. It replaces previous IEC standards for certain product categories and a harmonized version now supersedes previous versions in the US, EU and Canada. Deadlines for this newly harmonized standard are beginning to roll out with various deadlines starting in 2019 and continuing through to 2022.

Power tools on-site quality control inspection checklists

-Full function check
-Barcode scanning check
-Simulation check
-Assembling check
-Internal construction/component check
-Rubbing test(for label/marking/logo)
​​​​​​​-Carton drop test
-Product drop test
​​​​​​​-Carton stacking test
-Base function check
-High voltage test
-Power on check( without load)
-Power cord strain relief test
-Low voltage start check 
-Speed check (no load)
-Power consumption check or input power/ current check (without load)
​​​​​​​-Internal check     
-Input current check
-Adhesive test
​​​​​​​-Noise level test


Down a Testcoo Inspection sample report for power tools quality control inspection: Cordless-Chain-Saw-quality-control-inspection

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