On-site Carton Drop Check


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This method is reference to The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Pre-shipment Test Procedures 1996.


On-site Carton Drop Check



通常情况下我们采用 10 点摔箱法(Ten Time Carton Drop),如有客人要求我们按照客人的要 求,在客人 WI 或验货资料中都会规定我们的摔箱的标准(采用 10 点还是 11 点)


Ten Time Carton Drop:


1. Introduction:
2. Checking Method:
2.1 Inspect the products inside carton and make sure they are “good” sampl
2.2 Repack them as per original packing method.
2.3 Perform carton drop test according to the WI for which Drop test method will be adopted.
2.4 After test, inspector shall check:

-Check whether packaging is damaged or
-Inspect the products again to check any defectives, which shall include the Product appearance and fu
-Selected the samples from the critical ar (Most in the dropped corner)
-Whole carton or minimum 24 units will be inspected.


-In any case, drop check cannot be performed is due to some other reasons (for instance: lack of manpower, complicated packaging method…etc.), we must call

supervisor for confirmation, then we must state the reasons on the inspection report for applicant reference.

-It is very important to have well planning on performing the In case the goods are packed with blister card, clam shell blister or tightened with strings, we

shall inspect some units up to a certain quantity first (quantity for one carton) and ask the factory to re-pack them immediately for our testing instead of arrange the test at the end of the inspection.

3. Standard of Drop Height

Drop or impact the packaged product according to the following sequence:

Ø        One corner-the joins of edges with staples or gum are considered weaker than the other edges.

1. Test the most fragile face-3 corner, if not known, test the 2-3-5 corner.

Ø        Three edges-3 different length (long, width and height) radiating from the dropped corn.
3.The shortest edge radiating from the corner tested.
4.The next longest edge from the corner tested.
1.The longest edge radiating from the corner tested.

Ø        Six face-All flat surfaces.
2.Flat on one of the smallest face.
3.Flat on the opposite small face.
4.Flat on one of the medium face.
5.Flat on the opposite medium face.
6.Flat on one of the largest face.
7.Flat on the opposite large face.

Note: Should select a concrete floor to perform the Drop Check.


Eleven Time Carton Drop:

  1. Standard based on DIN 55 440/ PZT (Deutsche Bundespost )


Drop the carton in the following sequence (11times)

-1 (the most fragile face-3 corner. if not known, test the corner which in the joint of carton), 8 on the corner

-2, 3, 4, 9, 10 on the edge

-5, 6, 7, 11 flat on surface

3. The surface on which the drops are made must be solid steel or concr Wooden flooring is not acceptable as a drop surface under any circumstances.

4. Checking condition and Acceptance Criteria:

-The items inside the sample carton should be inspected with “Good” result;

-Repacked the unit as per the shipping configuration;

-Perform the carton dropping;

-Inspect the packaging to see whether it is damaged;

-Up to 36 pieces of packed items would be inspected if the pack size is greater than 36;

-Item would be selected from the dropped corner and the projected edges of the carton;

-Inspect the item inside by visual check, functional check and safety checks.