Boeing is building its first overseas factory in China

TESTCOO/October 22, 2021
Boeing and Chinese avionics maker Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd.(COMAC) will begin to assemble a Boeing 737 culmination center in eastern China’s Zhoushan city at the end of March, booked to make its first conveyance in 2018. This kind of multinational cooperation moving its manufacturing process to China, does not only carry the whole supply chain development, but also perform as a lantern for other multinational cooperation to follow up moving into China.

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This is Boeing’s first abroad office as part of its 737 production system, which is assigned to produce 100 Boeing 737 planes a year.
In the joint-venture completion center, Boeing’s 737 will be introduced with flight entertainment systems and seats. The plant in Zhoushan also provides: coating, repair and other support services.
In October 2016, Boeing and COMAC signed an contract to set up the Zhoushan plant, which is made of two parts: a joint venture of Boeing and COMAC——the 737 completion center and the 737 delivery center owned by Boeing.
The delivery center will also begin at the end of March.
To oblige flying machine manufacturing in Zhoushan, Putuoshan Airport in the city is spending a 750 million yuan (108 million U.S. dollars) budget to upgrate to an international airport. 
In order to support Boeing, the aviation base in Zhoushan will also build an entire industrial chain for aircraft manufacturing with the capacity to assemble, deliver and fix 600 aircraft a year by 2025.

Zhoushan is an archipelago and island city in Zhejiang Province, which has the biggest fishery in China and gloats solid shipbuilding, tourism and administration businesses.
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