“315 Evening Gala”——Savior of China’s Quality Issues

TESTCOO/October 22, 2021

“3.15”known as the World Consumer Rights Day, it is the day that fears even multinational companies which is operating in China. Twenty-seven years ago, the China Central Television (CCTV) has worked with some major media and press to give the first “315 Evening Gala”.

The evening gala continues to be held yearly since then. CCTV as the most influential national broadcaster, it does not only shame the errant companies, but also bring the nation’s rapidly growing focus on their consuming activities. Literally speaking, it turns nearly half of the citizens into inspectors or controller. Not only on the day of World Consumer Rights Day, but also in daily consuming activities, people are more likely to stand out and accuse the products or services with quality issues.

In this two-hour-gala, multinational cooperation such as Nikon, McDonald’s, Apple, Volkswagen and Starbucks are reported by undercover inspection or pop test. Unfortunately, many of these inspections and tests failed to pass the bottom-line of standard.

This also affects the quality assurance of production lines heavily. We all know that many of the “Made in China” products are deem to be less exquisite. It is the consequence of inappropriate management and jerry-make quality supervision. As more and more people start to pay their attentions to the quality issues, industries such us wholesalers have no choice but to enhance their products’ quality control strength.

From the aspects of international importers/exporters, this gala helps in one way or another. For instance, an importer who import to China can learn the standard of the nation’s average consuming acceptance level, thereby knowing what sort of products they can import to make profit and the ones which will not be accept by the society. For those who getting goods exporting from China, they would get a fast acknowledge of the fraud cases and also skills to find out whether the factories are lying to them.