Starting Your Importing Business From China (Part 1)

TESTCOO/October 22, 2021

People start to call the nation “The World’s Factory” since more and more products are tagged with “Made in China”. China has already become the biggest exporting country, not only because of the country’s splendid resources, but also because the government has cleared all barriers to build this industry for strengthen its economy. A lot of foreign importers have worked their way out to purchase from China and earned their fortune. With the up-rising of B2B online platforms, brands such as “Alibaba” come into sight, it is becoming easier to import from China. However there is no official guidance for an actual business practice to profit for sure. We are here to provide some advises about sourcing from China and explain how we can help. 

“Determine your producers”

Finding a reliable factory can be hard; it used to be a trip to China, facing unfamiliar language, culture and legal system. Wrong decisions can be made at anytime. Later by benefits of Alibaba, importers can narrow down their target factories to 5 or 10. Although world-wide B2B online platforms do provide users with their so-said “Best Factory”, “Audited Factory” or “Golden Member”, these are only indications of how much the factory is paying the platform. To known for sure, importers tend to take their (maybe the first) trip to China. This is a good however discouraged way, because they will have to really solve the problem such as language speaking and others. 

It then comes how we can help. As a third party inspection company, we do provide the service of factory auditing, which includes social compliance audit, QMS(Quality Management System)audit, GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) Audit, Environmental Audit, C-TPAT/GSV, Supplier Verification. You may choose one or two of these services to understand the issues that you concern most. The critical differences between how we are different from the B2B trading platform is the nature of our business type, one is providing a platform to post information and motivate transactions to be made, while other one is specialized in trust-system. More specifically, one benefits from turnover rate, while the other survives from reputations and trusts. 

“Quality Assurance”

After finding your factory, there are still so many facts to be concerned during the production period. For instance, human factors are the least containable and predictable one. As a matter of fact, in early times products were not properly produced due to technical defects or lack of factory management. “Made in China” were once being deemed as the tag of “poor quality and low pricing products”. Although the problem has been controlled by more and more quality control services, there are still many inevitable facts lead to the poor productions. Apart from getting yourself to be on the flight to China, seeking famous brand of third party inspection companies (SGS or Interteks) could be the only suggestion you would be given in this situation. Nevertheless, these enormous brands might sometimes being a fatal block for truth. To be realistic, the brands only provide confidence; the individuals of inspector who inspect your products are only employers of their company, the individuals who are getting unsatisfied salaries. Therefore no matter how famous the company is, their inspectors are still easy to be bribed. Corruption issues can only be prevented actively by the true stakeholder, but blind trust.

That is why you should choose Testcoo to help you. We can reduce the corruption issues to the greatest extent. By using the convenience of mobile internet technology, international buyers can confront the inspectors personally. Through the APP developed by Testcoo, inspection procedure can be monitored remotely from wherever there is a internet connection. In additions, each inspector will receive evaluations from the factory, international importers and Testcoo separately. These evaluations are the critical service judgment of the inspector, like an individual credit reporting system. 

TESTCOO Quality Control Inspection Company in China

TESTCOO is a leading third-party inspection company in China. Testcoo performs over 100,000 product inspections, factory audits, and lab tests annually and is trusted by 5,000+ retailers, brands, and suppliers worldwide.

Testcoo can help you complete a full QC inspection in China more efficiently and effectively. It offers the following QC inspection services to assess and satisfy its global customers:

If you need some practical experience in quality control, you can definitely discuss with us. As a Chinese inspection companywe can provide product inspection, factory audit, lab testing, and Amazon FBA inspection. If you need it, you can get the most suitable quotation from us. Check  a sample report.

Coming in Part 2, we will discuss how can we help to make sure everything are settled before shipment and what can Testcoo help you in Customs Clearance while others cannot.

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