How to inspect kitchen stand mixer?


Release time:1 months ago

We are inspecting Stand Mixer for you.



Whether you’re trying out a brand new recipe, or an authentic dish tried and tested by generations, the mixer we are testing enables you to explore your culinary capabilities.


Stand Mixer is designed for hands-free mixing for a wide variety of foods ranging from light and airy egg whites to sticky bread dough. It is great for everyday mixing and can even handle the thickest cookie dough.





Test Item

-Transportation drop test (not applicable for fragile item)

-Product Size / power cord length / Weight Measurement

-Barcode scan check

-Assembly/ installation check

-Full function check (including the function which only can be checked after fully assembling.)

-Coating adhesive Tape Test

-High voltage test

-Power on check

-Power consumption check or input power/ current check (withoutload)

-Power consumption check or input power/electricity Flow checks

-Strain Relief test

-Internal workmanship and critical component check

-Rubbing test for ratin label and adhesive Test for printing, marking and logo

-Stability test (for freely standing unit)

-Motor locking check

-Vane hardness test

-Actual use test

-Speed test

-Noise test