Brand New Inspection Experience, Online now!

TESTCOO/October 22, 2021





Where do you find your reliable Inspector?

As an international trader, all you need is just a Mobile App to get a perfect inspection.

1. Testcoo, Time for shortening distance.

In 1987, Chinese sent the first Email to German. Today, there are 7.1 billion internet users in China, only twenty-nine years from then. Statics show that 6.56 billion amount these users use their mobile phone to get into touch online.

Since they can use their phones to go shopping or even do payments. Internet has made our life much more convenient, Testcoo has made international inspection much easier.

With the traditional inspection patent, customers need to find a third party inspection company to place their order which will take 3-5 days to proceed. After 3-5 days, the company will send their inspectors to where the factory is, which will take some travel time to be there. After the inspection take place, the inspectors will need at least one night time to produce a report.

However with Testcoo, customers can have their orders placed online. If the order is placed before 12 pm, the customer can literally get his report on the same day. Because by LBS (Location based service), Testcoo can share the order to the inspectors near by the factory’ location. By leaving the traditional way behind, inspection service would be high-efficient, reasonable price, controllable process and quality guarantied.

2. Testcoo, Time for thought-provoking

Mobile internet is much different from the time we use PC. We may order food while driving home, shop while taking a train or check in on the way to the airport, life unbound by space limitation. This sort of technology has also been used by Testcoo to modify the inspection industry.

Testcoo opens a professional field for all inspectors to upload their certification. After strictly examined their qualification, inspectors are then able to serve for the Testcoo’s customer.What’s more, inspectors can produce a exquisite inspection report simply through the Testcoo APP in their own cell-phones.

3. Testcoo, Time to determine the future

The most unaffordable cost comes from time. No matter you are a consumer, who urgentlyneed your products to be carefully inspected or a inspector who rushes from one city to another and just want to spend more time with your family.

Testcoo is the best choice to genuinely help. Time has come to prove profession overrides simply reputation and company scale.