Valentine’s Inspection Knowledge

TESTCOO/October 22, 2021

Valentine‘s Day is coming; it used to be chocolate and flowers that show man’s motion of adoration. In the day that life is getting affluence, fashion is more of the main appetite for female instead of romance. Accessories and all types of handbags are climbing up of the Valentine’s gift-list. Handbags of luxury brands are expensive though, one of the best Valentine’s presents. However due to many unexpected reasons, the luxury bags that you received or brought might be the defect of the production or even fake.

As a leading third-party inspection compay, TESTCOO provides product inspection, factory audit, testing and certification in China and Southease Asia countries .We are hereby showing some common inspection chercklist for you to inspect (check) your handbags.

1. The metal parts

There are normally some parts of a handbag are metal, for instance the straps, the zippers and the ornamental pendants.
These metal parts should not be too shiny, should be with a certain weight and normally with a strong, clear and small carved logo letters.

2. Leathers

Besides the canvas bags, most of these luxury bags are made mainly of leather, genuine leather. These leathers are products from animal skin fabrics, which are the little irregularly aligned “pebbles” and pores on its surface. Smell the leather and it is ok to be natural and moldy. However if it is a smell of plastic and chemical or an unusually pungent smelling, that could be only PU (Polyurethane) leather or PVC(Polyvinyl-chloride) leather.

3. Overall Structure

A well-designed model of structure should be always firmed. Every styling corner is coordinative. Therefore even thought the bag is entirely empty, the shape is more likely to remain the same.

4. Insides

Most of the products’ outfit is alike and hard to distinguish. It is usually a distinctive difference between a genuine product and a fake product. The genuine would have a baggy patch pocket while the fake ones would only make a fake interlayer.

5. Others

The bags’ overall weight should not be too light, unless specified. Some common fabric mistakes like: degumming, broken line and thread-lead drop out would also indicate the product’s quality is not superior.

The above points are just some junior skills to check the bag’s quality generally. However within the professional production process, it takes audit, testing and inspection. From industrial aspect, choosing the reliable inspection company for your international trading business is the most effective cost-control method.

TESTCOO is a leading inspection company in China, which owns more than 500 inspectors in all over China. With the revolutionary Mobile Internet technology, we provide 24/7 operating services, details custom-made report, rapid booking & ordering system and lowest price (all-inclusive rates starting from $149/Manday)!

Please do not hesitate to send an inquiry for quotation: or visit our website ( for more. Wish you a romantic Valentine’s Day.

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