Quality Control Inspection Services in Pakistan

TESTCOO helps brands and retailers secure their supply chain as a third-party quality control service provider. Whether its product inspection, quality control, auditing suppliers against client or international standards or aiding vendors via corrective action; our team of experts can assist in solving quality related issues with little notice and is at your service where and when you need.

Major Industries of Pakistan

Pakistan's manufacturing sector is dominated by textiles, FBT (food, beverages, and tobacco), Coke & Petroleum, and Pharmaceuticals. The majority of industry is made up of textile units, with textiles contributing $15.4b to exports, making up 56% of total exports. Other units include surgical instruments, chemicals, and a budding automotive industry.

Textile Manufacturing Market in Pakistan

Textiles are often considered the back of Pakistan's economy, contributing $15.4b to exports, making up 56% of total exports, and employing 40% of the labor force. Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textiles in Asia, and the 4th largest producer of cotton with the third largest spinning capacity in Asia after China and India and contributes 5% to the global spinning capacity. With increasing urbanization, and a growing middle-class, textiles have come under greater demand.

In today’s highly competitive global environment, the textile sector needs to upgrade its supply chain, improve productivity, and maximize value-addition to be able to survive.


They are USA, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Norway, France, Canada, Sweden, Australia, etc.

Who are the Major Textile Industry in Pakistan?

Pakistan’s textile sector is fast advancing due to record exports during the Covid-19 epidemic. All this has been possible only because of the rapid development and progress of the textile companies. Sixty percent of Pakistan’s textile exports are to the United States and Europe. This includes everything from denim jeans to towels. In the last few years, the exports of Pakistani textile companies have become competitive.

Quality Control and Inspection Service Coverage in Pakistan

Testcoo experienced team of inspectors and auditors is available nationwide in Pakistan.

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Guaranteed all-inclusive price of 259 USD per man-day in Pakistan manufacturing regions,Testcoo offers one-stop service for quality control, including pre-shipment inspection, during production inspection, container loading supervision.

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