third-party inspection comapny that can provides product inspection and factory audit in Kenya

TESTCOO is a third-party inspection comapny that can provides product inspection and factory audit in Kenya.

Have you find a new vendor in Kenya? Are you looking to have a vendor factory inspected and audited before you book an order with them? Do you want to make sure that a seller in Kenya is not fake? Do you need to have your products checked before they are shipped out from the seller in Kenya? ​​​​​​​Supplier assurance and quality control inspection services from TESTCOO are the most appropriate services for you.


Market in Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is a country in Africa. With a population of more than 52.2 million people, Kenya is the 27th most populous country. Kenya’s capital and largest city is Nairobi while its oldest city and first capital is the coastal city of Mombasa.

Kisumu City is the third-largest city and also an inland port on Lake Victoria. Other important urban centers include Nakuru and Eldoret.

The manufacturing sector is identified as one of four main areas of focus by the Kenyan government’s economic agenda. Nairobi, is the regional business hub for East Africa. The cotton, textiles, and apparel (CTA) industry is Kenya’s second-largest manufacturing industry after food processing and has been classified as a core industry. 

Clothing and textile industry in Kenya played an important role in the industrialization of today’s developed countries. Kenya’s garment exports amounted to $ 420 million in 2020 even though the Covid-19 pandemic compounded supply-chain problems. 

Similar to Ethiopia, Kenya’s garment sector has gained its reputation in the world market as one of the emerging suppliers for high-volumes of bulk basic garment items, such as t-shirts and trousers. Kenya’s top ten apparel exports, six are cotton products and four are man-made fiber products. Almost half of Kenya’s apparel exports to the US are in women and girls’ cotton trousers, slacks, and shorts, and manmade fiber slacks, breeches, shorts, knit shirts, and blouses.

Kenya Quality Control and Inspection Services

Testcoo quality technicians operate in the cities of Nairobi and its surrounding areas. Our quality control inspectors and auditors offer inspection services for consumer goods. Testcoo quality control solutions that increase efficiency and maximize resources in the manufacturing process and related supply chain are attractive to manufacturers, importers, and buyers in Kenya.

The Industries Testcoo Quality Control Inspections  Cover in Keyna

Softlines: garments & apparel, footwear, textiles & fabrics, latex gloves, masks and gowns, fashion accessories and handbags, suitcases, etc.

Hardlines: kitchenware, toys, garden tools, furniture, pet products, fitness products, home decoration products, etc.

All you need to Know When Importing from Kenya


Testcoo is a professional quality control company, helping all importers and retailers to make supply chain safe. Our inspectors have been performance quality inspections and factory audits for Li&Fung for several years in Kenya, with fantastic results.

The Pricing for quality control in Kenya:

Product Inspections in Kenya start from $259 per man-day, which is slightly lower than many of Testcoo’s competitors. Supplier audits are offered for $359 per man-day.

Booking and report:

Book on the go. 24/7 taking orders and 1 working day to get a report with on-site actual found and pictures.

Pre-shipment Inspection Main Checklists:

● Visual and Workmanship Check

● Quantity Conformity

● Product and Packaging Check

● Data Measurement

● On-site Test

List of Apparel and Textile Manufacturers in Kenya

Here you can find most of the textile manufacturers in Kenya with design, production, and distribution of quality clothing and fabrics which are generally made through weaving, knitting, binding, or crocheting.

  1. Spin Knit Limited
  2. Rivatex East Africa Limited
  3. Thika Cloth Mills
  4. Sunflag Textile & Knitwear Mills
  5. Spinners & Spinners Ltd
  6. Fine Spinners Ltd
  7. Alliance Garment Industries Ltd
  8. KEMA East Africa Ltd
  9. Supra Textiles Ltd
  10. Specialised Towel Manufacturers Ltd
  11. United Footwear Ltd
  12. African Leather Industries Ltd
  13. C&P Industries Limited
  14. Bantu Shoes
  15. Peponi Footwear Industries
  16. Macquin Shoes Ltd
  17. Crown Industries Ltd
  18. Adix Ltd
  19. United Aryan EPZ ltd , Location: Nairobi
  20. Brother Knitwear factory Ltd , Location: Nairobi


While the majority of textiles sold in the EU come from Asia, there is growing interest in sourcing from African countries. In Kenya, a thriving textiles industry is emerging, and exports to the EU are a small but growing share of Kenyan textile exports.

TESTCOO quality control Inspection solutions in Kenya include  supply chain management, quality control inspections, among others. In Kenya, our inspection team will ensure that your goods meet all regulations and requirements for the EU market.

Businesses in producing countries-Kenya will need to comply with the evolving requirements of the EU market. If you would like to explore quality control inspection in Kenya or to discuss your future supply chain challenges. Please get in touch with us at

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