TESTCOO Inspection provides garment and textile inspection, and factory audit in Poland to make sure your products comply with safety standards and meet your quality requirement.

Buy garment and textile in Poland? It is crucial to do production process monitoring and management, pre-shipment inspection of your products at all times.  


Markets in Poland

Poland, with a population of 38 million, is an unconventional land vibrant market, with well-developed fashion sector. The geographical location of the country offers good market potential for textile and apparel exporters.

It is located in the Central Europe, serving an entry to the Western, and Eastern European countries. It is considered as the 7th biggest market in EU for body wear, and 11th in knitwear consumption. Of the12 European countries, in terms of market size, Poland is an important country for knitted outerwear consumption.

Poland Quality Control and Inspection Services

Testcoo quality technicians operate in the cities of Warsaw, Kraków, and their surrounding areas. Our quality control inspectors and auditors offer a full range of services: product inspections, supplier audits and laboratory tests.

Inspect your product before it leaves your Poland supplier's factory, and prevent quality problems down the line. We guarantee on-site inspections in Poland with fastest and professional service .

TESTCOO Inspection Services for Your Industry in Poland

TESTCOO has quality and compliance inspectors for all consumer goods. We can help you assess and improve your product and supplier quality and safety performance. 

Garment Inspection: Jacket, suits, shirt, blouse, jeans, silk garment, pullover, pants, short breeches, t-shirt, vest, swimwear, brief, babywear, down jacket, leather garment, trousers, sweater

Footwear Inspection: Slipper, sandal, canvas shoes, casual shoes, sport shoes, hiking shoes, pump, rain shoes, knee boot, safety shoes

Luggage and Bags Inspection: card bag wallet, handbag, backpack, travel bag, trolley case, school bag with castor

Fashion Accessories Inspection: scarf, hat, sock, stocking, gloves, tie, bow, belt, and headband

Home Textile Inspection: oven gloves, bed sheet, matting, bed cover, bed skirt quilt cover, table cloth, towel, carpet, pillowcase, cushion, sofa cover, quilt, mosquito net, curtain

Outdoor Textile Inspection: tent, hammock, beach umbrella, parasol, sleeping bag, car cover

All you need to Know When Conduct Inspection in Poland

Testcoo is a full-service quality agency, helping all types of business. We have worked with Li&Fung for several years in Poland, with fantastic results.

The Pricing for quality control in Poland:

Product Inspections start from $299 per man-day, which is slightly lower than many of Testcoo’s competitors. Supplier audits are offered for $359 per man-day.

Booking and report:

Book on the go. 24/7 taking orders and 1 working day to get a report with on-site actual found and pictures.

A Main Checklists​​​​​​​ of Final Random Inspection in Poland ​​​​​​​:

  • Visual and Workmanship Check
  • Quantity Conformity
  • Product and Packaging Check
  • Data Measurement
  • On-site Test

Top 13 Garment Manufacturers in Poland

Looking for the right clothing and textile supplier in Poland? Despite the fact that there are many different companies in Poland that manufacture garments, there are some that stand out as being among the top companies.

  1. Clematis Polska
  2. M-Corp
  3. Sewport
  4. LPP SA
  5. Kamus
  6. Krakow CHT
  7. Rondo sp.z.o.o
  8. AJ Group Sp.z.o.o
  9. Glocal Partner
  10. Rascal Industry
  11. Modus
  12. Dartex
  13. Acer Beanies Production


Poland is an important apparel manufacturing destination for the North American market. The country’s proximity to the United States and its skilled labor force have contributed to its significance in the industry.

In Poland, our inspection team will ensure that your goods meet all regulations and requirements. If you would like to explore quality control inspection in Poland or to discuss your future supply chain challenges. Please get in touch with us at sevice@testcoo.com.

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