What is a VR Factory Audit Report? Free Download

TESTCOO/October 27, 2022

Identifying a real and qualified supplier is the first critical step in starting a new procurement plan in China and Southeast Asia. Therefore, a third-party factory audit is right for you to consider.

A third-party audit is performed by an audit organization independent of the customer-supplier relationship and is free of any conflict of interest. Independence of the audit organization is a key component of a third-party audit. Third-party audits may result in certification, registration, recognition, an award, license approval, a citation, a fine, or a penalty issued by the third-party organization or an interested party.

What is VR Factory Audit?

VR factory audit is a kind of field factory assessment that records the real scene of the factory by using a 360° camera. With VR technology, it enables you to see every single detail of the factory that you intend to work with. It may greatly help you ensure product quality, delivery, sales, and brand image.

VR factory audit report VS factory audit report

In the traditional factory audit service, you may only receive a simple factory audit report with some photos of the factory; it cannot be enough to demonstrate you how the factory you are working with or you want to want work with look like.

In TESTCOO VR factory audit, it brings an experience like you are visiting the factory and can see the factory from bottom to top. Plus, we have PDF factory audit report to come along with to provide you more detailed information of the factory.

How is VR factory audit report

VR factory audit report generally contains two parts, PDF factory assessment report and VR factory assessment report. PDF report can be download by click the “report "icon. This PDF report has same structure with other traditional audit report. Enter the full view mode that is VR report when you click the “overview "icon.

1. PDF Report

Part A: Basic information of the audit: location, areas, manpower, production capacity, main process, main clients and overall summary.

Part B: Quality Management System (QMS) part: inspection criteria, inspection record, measuring equipment control etc.

Part C: Production Field Audit part: contamination risk, product protection, and fire safety, electrical safety, machinery safety, child labor, force labor etc.

Checkpoints and comments of QMS and production field audit are same as full view report.

Part D: Additional photos related to QMS and other useful information.

2. VR Report

-Summary: How many buildings and floors there are in the factory can be seen visually through the building model.

All work floors, the function areas, a summary of corresponding area will be displayed, as well as the location of this area will be lighted at the same position of the building model.

-Contents: The full view of the factory. Following the arrows on the VR report, you can go to each scene of the factory to check every corner of the work floors as you are on site.

The dashboard at the left is full view photo, click each of the comments, you can see the scene with auditor's comments.

-Plan: The floor plan shows the position and direction of this scene in whole function area.

As a professional third party service provider, we are dedicated to bring the best service to protect your product quality and supply chain. Contact our expertise to discover a VR factory audit solution.