New Requirements for ASTM F2417-Fire Safety for Candles Standard

TESTCOO/September 21, 2023

The ASTM standard F2417, which deals with fire safety for candles, has recently been updated with new general requirements.

In August 2023, ASTM F2417 was updated to a 2023 version. This standard is intended to set out minimum safety requirements for candles and candle ensembles to provide a reasonable degree of safety for normal use, thereby improving personal safety and reducing fires, deaths and injuries.

The main changes compared to the previous edition are listed below.

Most of the tests remain equivalent to those in the 2017 version of the standard, with the following changes:

- Definition for candle marking kit added:

Candle making kit is defined as a set of ingredients and materials packaged together that the end consumer uses to make a candle. But not all materials necessary to make a candle are needed in a candle making kit; for instance, fragrance options may be sold separately

- Some practices for candle-making kit are also suggested in Appendix X4. For example:

● The manufacturer should include explicit instructions with clear and unambiguous steps for the consumer to follow. Small variations in making candles may lead to large variations in the performance of the candle, which could compromise the candle’s fire safety

● The manufacturer should either properly attach the wick(s) or clearly advise within the instructions the method that the consumer should follow to properly position and adhere the wick(s) to containers. Improperly designed wicks or wicks located too close to the side of a container may present a substantial candle fire safety risk

● Make each potential variation of candle according to the instructions that are provided to the consumer. This includes each variation based on additional or optional accessories, such as different fragrances

● Test each variation of candle to the requirements in this specification to ensure all candle variations have been tested for safety

● Label each candle container to the requirements set out in Specification F2058 to ensure the consumer is aware of the candle’s safety

- Safety requirements added for wick migration and wick leaning:

Requirement applies to all filled candles. When tested in accordance with the candle burning performance test, the wick of the candle shall not migrate or lean from its original position so that the flame on the wick contacts the container for longer than 5 seconds. Additional for multiple wick candles, two or more wicks should not come close enough to form a single flame for longer than 5 seconds.

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