Latest EU Classification Guidance for Toys Intended For Children Under 3 Years of Age

TESTCOO/March 3, 2023

The EU Commission and expert group on toys have issued new guidance on the classification of toys: under three or three years and over.

In 2009, the EU Commission and expert group on toys published guidance to help with correct classification. This guidance, document 11, covered three categories for toys: puzzles, dolls, and soft and stuffed toys.

As there are many more categories of toy on the market it was decided to expand the document and increase the number of toy categories.

The EU Commission and the Expert Group on Toy Safety has recently published an extensive update1 to Guidance document No. 112 for “toys intended for children under 36 months of age or of 36 months and over”, and now includes a wider range of toy categories. In addition to puzzles, dolls, soft and stuffed toys, there are twelve more categories.

The new guidance covers the following categories:

1. Puzzles

2. Dolls

3. Soft and stuffed or partially stuffed toys:

4. Fidget toys

5. Modeling clay/dough, slime, soap bubbles

6. Movable/wheeled toys

7. Play scenes, constructed models and construction toys

8. Game sets and board games

9. Toys intended to be entered

10. Toys intended to bear the mass of a child

11. Toy sports equipment and balls

12. Hobby horse/stick horse

13. Push-pull toys and pull-along toys

14. Audio/visual equipment

15. Toy figures and other toys


The guidance focuses on borderline cases and provides many examples and pictures of toys.

Read the full guidance document here: Guidance document on toys intended for children under 36 months of age or of 36 months and over

Please find full details of EU toy guidance 11.

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