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Testcoo advantages & QC management

Testcoo’s advantages

Testcoo is able to merge inspection and internet to develop the most creative “Internet + Inspection” technology. By this technology, the entire inspection and testing operation can be systematic.

  • 1. Always Faster
    Reports can be received as the same day of ordering, assistance available 24X7X365. Just schedule the order online, and let the system walk you through the process.
  • 2. Order Online
    Based on the inspection quantity and technical index entered by the client, system will automatically come out with the most reasonable quotation. After a convenient online payment procedure, system will schedule the inspection and show follow-up details. The whole process is systematic and flawless and; delay and human error can be avoided for good.
  • 3. Technical Support
    Our experienced technical team reviews every inspection report for all the industries. Our online system already has more than 2000 technical report templates available as per international standards. The technical team also provides “face to face” and “One on One” consulting services for buyers, factories and traders. Moreover, they will customize inspection report and materials for our clients.
  • 4. Total Control on Inspection Process
    Location Based Service (LBS) service used by Testcoo enables the buyer to overwatch whole process, right from the inspector’s arrival till departing the factory. When the inspector arrives in the factory, simply opening the Testcoo App and pressing “Arrived” button, he can conduct inspection and meanwhile starts to write a report online.
    When the inspector finishes the report, he should verify the information with the factory by getting a verification code. The verification code will be sentto the factory automatically by the system 1 day prior. After the rigorous verification process, the report will be successfully delivered to the client. The three parties (Client, Factory and Testcoo) will have a tripartite evaluation after the inspection process. A fair, just and open market environment can be maintained through this cross-management.
  • 5. Big Data Analysis
    Testcoo personalizes individual account management system for every client. By analyzing the defective rate from each factory, the clients can solve problems and get improvement in every section of the production chain.

Testcoo Inspectors’ Management

  • 1. Inspector Employment Policy

    Identity Verification
    Technical Assessment
    Approval by Inspection Engineer

  • 2. Control Over Inspection Process

    Cash Bond
    Evaluation System
    Points System

  • 3. Appraisal System

    Based on Product Specialty
    Online Training
    Online Quality Examination
    Random Online Spot Check

  • 4. Inspector Grading

    Junior S1-S2
    Senior S3
    Executive S4

Your Personal Inspection Specialist

Testcoo inspection services with more than 3,000 trained inspectors based at over ten Southeast Asian countries. All inspection report are strictly in accordance with European & USA standards. Our inspection services are coverage over 200 countries client. Choosing inspection services from Testcoo will help you ensure the quality of your products and reduce uncontrollable risk.

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