Services Quality Inspection in Vietnam


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Quality inspection services are Testing at laboratory and Inspection at the site of vendor?

  -The lab testing involves a specific standard or regulation in a certified laboratory. (it cannot be done at the vendor)
  -The visual inspection is the process of checking goods for compliance with specifications and requirements at the factory manufacturing checking the appearance,parts, composition, function and main factors.

Both of tests and inspections of quality are to identify quality defects and verify products before them distributing products to market of customers.

With the simple tests, TESTCOO can conduct both quality inspection and testing at the same time of at the site of  inspecting period.

The accuracy of services quality inspection in Vietnam are dependent on:

  1. The ability and experience of inspector and surveyors
  2. The accuracy of lab machines and equipment.
  3. The honesty and independence of inspector and his company
  4. Standards for inspection and analysis
  5. Period of inspect & test
  6. Fees of inspection paid to an Inspection Company and reputation

What are product testing and services quality inspection in Vietnam?

Product quality testing is often performed at a certified third-party laboratory, not at the supplier’s facility.

On-site product quality testing can complement inspection, but it's not a substitute for testing in a professional lab.

Product testing services are not applied to all exporters or importers, but it can provide them with certified documents that certify the product's safety and performance to comply with a specific specified.

Always request a sample of product before mass production begins when working with a new supplier or manufacturing a new product.

How TESTCOO's services quality inspection in Vietnam?

In supply chain, when the finished item comes off the production line it should be quality inspected to ensure that it conforms to the quality standards of which is to be sold. The final quality inspection services could include not only the finished good itself but the packaging used to ship it to the customer. Its material, and In-product fabrication are examined through the manufacturing process.

  -Ethics of Manufacturing
  -Verify materials and component
  -Production Control
  -Measure Risks (Defects and Failures)
  -Test and Supervise a Manufacturing Process
  -Inspect / Report
  -Certificate / Certification


TESTCOO Customer’s benefits:

  -To protect the brand
  -To reject any defective products or prevent deviations from specifications
  -To limit variability of materials inconsistencies
  -To in-time and no delay
  -To reduce complaints (liability claims and lawsuits)
  -To eliminate the fraudulent suppliers and fake products
  -To avoid Legal Liability
  -To control all of risks
  -To boost Customer satisfaction
  -To create reputation and trade mark in market

For many buyers and importers due to almost of suppliers is often overlooked the quality control and assurance in manufacturing process, resulting to returns, damaged products, losses, defects.

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