1. Scope

Virtual inspection only allowed for simple product inspection due to COVID issue impact, the main purpose of virtual inspection was review and verify the spec and package, witness for the main testing and performance, the key points of function and the allowed visual check during virtual observation process.

2. Preparation

2.1 Vendor should prepare the sufficient support as below before Virtual inspection process:

- Suitable Inspection Room with sufficient lighting, space and environment like temperature, moisture, protection etc.
- Sufficient measurement / testing equipment for product inspection with necessary calibration certificate if applicable. 
- Suitable person support for whole process – communication, guide, operation etc.
- Suitable person for photo taking per inspection process and requirement. 
- Suitable media tools – camera / smart phone / APP of social media like Wechat / Tencent / Skype / Zoom etc and internet support as well.
- Necessary documents support if applicable for inspection, especially for artwork, QSG, Instruction manual etc.

2.2 Inspector should prepare the necessary tools and documents before inspection:

Suitable room for virtual inspection which was not impacted by noisy, environment etc.
Suitable media tools - camera / smart phone / APP of social media like Wechat / Tencent / Skype / Zoom etc and internet support as well.
Necessary documents and record (All inspection spec documents)
Suitable equipment to verify the result, like barcode scanner, measuring tapes etc.

3. Inspection Plan and Scope

3.1 Quantity Check

-Follow factory`s packing list.

-Witness per video to count the qty per SKU/PO, factory should prepare the qty counting breakdown per SKU/PO, so it can be easy verified from video, factory will be the responsibility for all correct cartons, package counting, and Testcoo will reject and remark if the qty can not be verified during video.

-Testcoo will be the responsibility to selected the random cartons from bulk, if carton with carton#, then the randomly carton numbers will be recorded. If carton without carton number, then inspector will ask a signature or chop on the selected cartons, due to limited of the full monitor, if inspector found the cartons arrived in inspection room was already open or without the identification which classified by inspector, the sampling will be rejected, and will re-do the sampling process again.

3.2 Product Conformity Check


-Follow the approval sample / spec / images

-Due to video limited, the conformity only verified for product style, colors only for general observation, any color verification impact by screen and environment will be not including in this virtual inspection. 

3.3 Packing and Marking Verification

-Video observation for the whole process for open package step by step, and each package material will be verified per requirement. 

-For all marking check will be based on the detailed photos which taken by factory, factory was responsibility to make the clear full images for all marking and packing details.

3.4 Visual and Basic Function Check

-Due to condition limited, visual and workmanship check usually will not be including in the virtual inspection.

-The package per each carton, unit can be verified, but for all sale unit package, only the main key info can be verified for each, like the SKU#, Barcode or any other the identification for the SKU, the detailed printing / marking for each unit could not be verified during virtual inspection.

-Basic function should be applied to each inspected sample, for example, writing function for pen, igniting function for lighter, on/off function for electrical operation etc. 

-Any visual defect found during the process, should be collected and verified during inspection and record in report for refer, the conclusion for AQL part will be only impact to basic function, any visual defect recorded will be for customer refer. 

-Factory was responsibility to sort out all defectives found during inspection.

3.5 On Site Testing

Testcoo will require all necessary testing which could be conducted on site should be applied during virtual inspection, and all testing operation will be handling by factory witness by inspectors. 

-All testing sample should be identified by inspectors to make sure it can be controlled during testing. 

-For testing need whole operation from factory, like Install/Assembly check, witness only applied for the correct component, correct assembly steps, for the ease of the testing could not be verified; factory was responsibility to make it correct, inspector only verified the steps and the final output of the product. 

-For testing need details check like internal open check for electrical items, factory should be shown the details on each component, and inspector only verified the component with CDF.

-For testing need long testing period like burning, aging, fatigue etc, factory was responsibility to ensure the testing continue in the continuous success process, inspector will only observe the witness for identification of the testing sample, the set up of the testing before conduction and the testing result observation after testing.

-For testing operated in factory machine, inspector will observe the setting and testing method, the testing result must be output at the witness of inspector either by photos record or the output of testing report which was monitored by inspector on site. 

-Due to limited of the video monitor, Testcoo only applied part of the testing witness and the full responsibility should be applied to factory and any deviation should be recorded in report.

4. Inspection Report

-Inspection report will record all the findings per video observation during virtual inspection.

-All inspection photos, videos should be submitted by factory before report preparation. - Photos will be at least including below: Storage—Carton – Shipping mark – Outer label – packing method – inner carton details – inner shipping mark and label – Product package – Product label – Product details – On site testing

-Defectives. Refer to ‘Instruction for Photos’ - Inspection report will only cover the part observed during virtual, and the inspection scope and method will be clear record in the inspection report for further refer.