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When Testcoo Meets Canton Fair

Mars · 2017-06-23 16:41:01

Weeks have gone after Canton Fair, furious continuous. It has been great pleasures to have you come for a visit; know recent events about your personal inspection specialist. Thank you all for paying visit deliberately and those saw our charming decoration and walk in for consultancy.


Canton Fair is the largest sourcing exhibition for international trade. It has more than 100 years history. However since the e-commerce platform gets more and more popular, overseas seek their vendors through Internet. Yet there are more and more international fraud cases popping up. Buyers started to worry the qualifications of their sellers. Hence, people are coming back to Canton Fair and seek for the vendors that they can trust, at least the ones they can meet in person. In additional, “The Belt and Road Initiative” project has also brought a large amount of buyers from developing countries to the exhibition. Some said the 121th Canton Fair would have the largest visitors traffic since the previous 3 years and more are expected to come.


During the 121th Canton Fair in this April and May, we met a great number of new buyers from East Asia, West Asia, South Asia, Middle Asia and the CIS. It is the first time they visit China and look for vendors. Many of them did not directly experience the low pricing and variety product of China. We talked to some of them and found out almost everyone are looking for new vendors, however not being able to make sure the quality of the first shipment, also not quite familiar with inspection services. After we prudentially introduced inspection and factory audit services, they all breathed a sigh of relief. Knowing only spend $119 to have a specialist visit the factory and check their products for them, which can help them avoid at least 40% deposit lost, these buyers immediately sign up for more information. There are certainly ones who known about inspection and relied their business on this service. However due to increasingly negligence and corruption issues, those traditional inspection company are no longer much trust worth. When we introduced how we utilize internet technology to allow them watch the inspection site, these clients immediately drop their first order to Testcoo.


As the most frequently asked question: “Why the factories are having problems increasingly?” we would like to share our ideas in this article. Chinese economic is growing rapidly, yet the factories don't seem to be better and better. Good factories are performing worse and worse and the new ones are not stable. Frankly, it is only because of the ever fast growing economic. First of all, factories started to invest their funds into the capital market. Sometimes these funds are lost and led to cheating on material. Secondly, management are not as strict as it is before caused of their low wage. They are seeking new opportunities to earn more, therefore less care about the factory. Thirdly, due to the fast growing economic, many workers tend to change new works from time to time. Workers in the factory are frequently replaced, hence product quality are sometimes unevenness.


Testcoo provides the reliable and cost-effective inspection service, which starts from only $69 USD. At this low cost, it is much cheaper than an insurance however more effective. No matter how much you trust your vendors, regular inspection is still necessary to ensure the quality. Or if you are a “The Belt and Road Initiative” buyer who care a lot about your goods and just start your trading business with unfamiliar factories, Testcoo will help you through the hard part.


Last but not the least, we are looking forward to meet old and new friends on ASD exhibition in Las Vegas, this July. (Booth SL3723, Gift area)