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What is Testcoo? When did it go online?

We are initially found in 2015, and officially online in 2016. Testcoo is the first in China to adopt the core belief of “Digital globalization”, to establish the 3rd party quality service platform in “Internet+ Inspection”. We provide the “Buy Global, Sell Global” customers with online Inspection, Testing, Auditing, and Certification services, and is leading to replace the traditional model, to reshape the ecosystem in this industry, and unlock the era of internet inspection.

What are the differences between Testcoo and traditional 3rd party inspection company?

  TESTCOO    Traditional 3rd party inspection company
From Order
 To Report

24 hours 120-168 hours 

Per Manday

Start from $119  $238 - $358


Global Limited Area

When can I get my report?

With Testcoo, almost all reports can be generated within 24 hours of placing the orders

How can I assure my inspection service reliable?

Testcoo Inspectors are registered as per industry level hiring standards. Most of them have rich experience in Foreign Trade inspections for well known brands and companies. Testcoo also ensures with its detailed and monitored system, that each inspection process is fluent, regulated and swift.

What is your compensation for inspection incidents?

Just like most 3rd Party Inspection companies, we are committed to provide our customers 10 times the inspection charge as compensation in an unlikely event of an unacceptable services.

How does Testcoo prevent inspectors’ corruption issues?

All the inspectors, for all our orders, require a code from the factory, to be uploaded once the entire inspection has been completed as per standards. Reviewing the inspection reports, customers and factories can leave a feedback for the inspectors. Testcoo takes these feedbacks seriously and takes into account for timely appraisals.

How does Testcoo conduct After-sales service?

We have our Technical Teams for each stage of every order, including reminders before inspection; double confirm the inspection details and final correction to the report. Additionally, customers can contact our Sales Team for any issues related to their inspection orders.

How can I use Testcoo’s services?

Start by clicking "Register" on the top right cornor of our website, follow the simple steps.